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Best grain free bread, EVER!!!!

This bread is truly Artisan quality! It arrives fresh out of the oven. Freezes great! If kept in fridge, it stays fresh for a week and tastes just like the day it arrived! Highly recommend!

Very good bread

Very good bread This is very good, high-quality bread but very expensive and shipping is expensive as well.

I love it!!

I had given up bread for years until I found this! Not cheap but I can get about 10 slices out of it the long way and eat one per day. Totally worth it and the ingredients are so clean.

So delicious

Am amazed at how delicious the bread was!

Great bread!

I was looking for a keto bread with psyllium. This is great toasted.

the best keto bread ever

I love the bread; very tasty, and I don't crave regular bread. Great job, guys; looking for more variety of products.Thank you very much

My go-to bread without a doubt

One of the best no-yeast, no-wheat, no-legume breads in the market today. Took me a bit of time to find a bread that met all of my specifications but I finally found YEZ! YES!

Fantastic rolls and bread

We LOVE this company. I ordered for my daughter as well. She loves it.


I have tried many gluten free vegan breads over the years and your bread is one of my favorites. I have to toast most others, but this is good when you want a soft roll for a sandwich. Besides that, you use the healthiest ingredients I've seen!


love this stuff, hot rolls

very good low carb bread

Artisan Keto Bread Loaf is the only bread I eat. I don't have to sacrifice taste to keep on my keto diet. Since toasting it brings out the nutty flavor, that's how I always prepare it. I keep it pre-sliced in a container in the freezer and just put a few slices in the toaster oven. I recommend this bread.

At last, a nutritious loaf of bread!

Finally I can have a sandwich again thanks to your delicious bread that meets my dietary requirements.

Same as bread

Amazing bread,didn't even feel the difference from regular bread

favorite product.

I love to make little sliders with these. Two are plenty for me. They are not only very filling, they are also very tasty.

Lovely little loaf

Yes as many other reviewers have stated these are small loaves. Yet when you figure in that they can be sliced quite slim due to the heartiness of the of said loaf you get more than 8 slices. It smells divine while toasting which I recommend to really bring out the lovely blend of ingredients. My favorite use of these warm toasted morsels is open face sandwiches. Avocado tomato cucumber toast also a win win. I’m next going to try a French toast to see how it holds up yo a creamy mixture fried in butter. Well sounds good to me. Bon appetite!

very good

love these perfect little size and great toasted with anything. tiny slider buns

One word to describe!


A very satisfied customer!

I am so glad that I found out about this bread, I have tried other pre-made keto breads and have also tried many keto bread recipes. I'm always slightly disappointed and had just resigned myself to having no bread at all. Until now! This bread is delicious either untoasted or toasted. I'm happy to know that good tasting & very nutritious bread can remain a part of my diet. Thank you Yez!

Perfect Loaf of Bread for Keto/Paleo Health conscious

I am absolutely amazed at how inventive the health food industry is becoming, this loaf of bread taste like
real whole wheat bread. I never feel like I'm missing things from my old diet now. Even though it's smaller in size than
the normal loaf of bread, it fills you up because it's made with such wholesomeness. Well worth the price.
I am a regular buyer now.. Thank you.

I Say YES to YEZ Foods Artisan Keto Bread

Yes to the flavor … yes to the texture …yes to the aroma
Yes YEZ Yes !!!:

Amazing Bread Crumbs!

If your looking to bread anything Yez bread crumbs are fantastic. Anything you would use breads crumbs for you can use them and you won’t be disappointed !


Bread is a delicious and healthy addition to my diet. The shipping is very quick and simple too.

Excellent product.

Would like to see you offer hamburger and hot dog rolls made with the same ingredients. Paleos are meat eaters after all!

Thank You Yez Food

The bread is amazing , will buy more for sure

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