Yez! Artisan Keto Bread Club

If you are already a fan, you can now take advantage of our discounted prepaid Yez! Artisan Keto Bread Club!
Each shipment includes a total of eight small loaves - 10 oz each.
OR  32 x 1.48 oz (42 grams) Artisan Bread...
If you are already a fan, you can now take advantage of our discounted prepaid Yez! Artisan Keto Bread Club!
Each shipment includes a total of eight small loaves - 10 oz each.
OR  32 x 1.48 oz (42 grams) Artisan Bread Rolls (slider size)
Free USPS Priority 2-day Shipping.

Set your frequency. Skip, Change the date for your next shipment. Pause and Resume your shipments. 

All prepaid subscriptions will not automatically renew once completed. You can change to auto renewer from your subscription page.  

Please freeze on arrival!

Always Keto, Paleo, Low-carb, Gluten-free, Wheat & Grain-free, Vegan, All Natural, Zero Artificial Ingredients or Preservatives.

Our artisan bread is the only one in the category that tastes like rustic, full grain bread, without the grains, gluten, soy, or preservatives. We believe products should be what they say they are. We believe in simple ingredients. No "proprietary blends", no highly processed fibers, additives or fillers.

There are a lot of products on the market that claim to be keto, yet contain corn, soy, grains, other noncompliant ingredients. What makes Yez! Foods different – All products have passed laboratory testing and been certified as Grain-free, Gluten-free, Keto Certified and Certified Vegan. Our bread product line is also Paleo Certified.

SHELF LIFE: Six months frozen.


Almond Flour, Organic Coconut Flour, Organic Whole Husk Psyllium, Organic Chia Seeds, Yeast, Himalayan Pink Sea Salt, Organic Stevia Powder, Distilled Water

To re-crisp crust, toast or reheat at 375 °F for 5-10 min


Yez! Keto Bread is preservative free, and like most natural products will experience an extremely short shelf life if not properly stored. Upon receipt, please examine your product carefully, should you note any moisture concentration*, remove the bread from its original packaging, leave outside for an hour to dry, then promptly refrigerate or freeze.
* Moisture concentration may appear due to circumstances beyond our control, such as high temperatures, or extreme temperature changes during shipping.


We ship USPS Priority Mail (2 days to the majority of the continental USA). For some destinations, delivery may take 3 days. Occasionally, USPS may experience some delay due to weather or other conditions outside of our control. This is the reason we ship Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday. These are the days most optimal for timely delivery. In the case of any USPS delays, the packages are unlikely to spend an unnecessary extra day in transit, which would happen if we would ship Thursday and Friday.

When you are placing an order, please pay attention to the shipping timeframe - one to three days. If your shipping destination is not accessible on a Saturday, please let us know. You can add a note to your order or email us.

Usually ships within 5 to 7 days. Process times vary depending on item ordered and season.

If you are uncertain and have any questions, please contact us. Our products are preservative free with a short shelf life if not stored properly.

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Lisa Flynn
Love it

This is the first non-grain bread I've had that I keep re-ordering! In fact, I'm doing that right now. Love it! And so does my digestive system. Thank you!

Marilyn Crady
Love The Keto Breads

I subscribe for the flax seed bread Really delicious, I also enjoy the “sourdough” bread. Taste very similar to the other, just a dark bread. Just makes it easier to stay on tract with eating right. And i don’t have to slave over cooking enough all the time. Thank you for your diligence to clean baking!

Jenne McMillin
Loving this bread!

Thank you for making this special bread to match my Dr. - supervised Keto diet. Low carb, sugar free, grain free - tastes great. With you Club discount I'm happy to receive this my daily bread. 2-day shipping is great too. So glad I have a large freezer for my 2-month supply. I haven't found anything like this on the open market, even in specialty stores. God bless your bakery

David M
flax bread loaf review

Overall I like the taste and texture. However, the loaf slices are too small for a normal sandwich so I end up having to make 2 sandwiches usually and also would prefer a presliced option instead of having to slice the bread myself but maybe this makes it so it doesn't stay as fresh.

Susan Selah
The Best Bread!

I am so thankful for YEZ! Bread. Great taste! Limited, pure ingredients! Low Carb! Gluten Free.
I can enjoy bread that doesn't raise my blood sugar and doesn't irritate my stomach.
A staple in my freezer now!


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