Hope for a Brighter Tomorrow

Hope for a Brighter Tomorrow

With 1 out of 59 children being diagnosed with Autism, we need to do more to bring them awareness, hope, and support. We are proud to join the Autism Hope Alliance (AHA) family, the first non-profit foundation for Autism to emerge from the natural food industry. The AHA’s seal of approval recognizes products that promote a clean, healthy diet and lifestyle. Yez! Foods' products have been given the "Autism Approved" Seal because they are grain free, gluten free, casein free, dairy free, preservative free, and non-GMO. Through our partnership with the Autism Hope Alliance, Yez! Foods, LLC is proudly donating to programs that help families affected by Autism.

When I was in undergrad at UCSD, I did research at Rady Children's Hospital, where I worked with both children on the spectrum and children who were at risk. I gained a valuable new perspective by interacting with these children, rather than simply reading statistics or learning about them in a classroom. At the same time, it was heartbreaking to see how their typically-developing peers misunderstood these children.
I find it harrowing that these children are often judged and labeled as misbehaving children because many people lack proper knowledge. At the time, I didn't have a clear idea about how I could help. It ate away at me, and these kids have always held a special place in my heart. 

When I went to graduate school at Columbia University, I focused on atypical brain development and various neurodegenerative disorders throughout the lifespan. My work in several labs taught me how vital the brain-to-gut connection is, which sparked my interest in learning more about how diet affects the brain.

Today I am proud to have helped develop products that are delicious, clean and great fuel for the brain. Being a part of the AHA family brings us one step closer to giving these innocent and pure children, and their families, hope for a brighter tomorrow.

With much gratitude for this opportunity,
Marie Sckocheva
CEO & Co-founder
Yez! Foods, LLC


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